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10 Marvelous Mother’s Day Gifts for the Home

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Mother’s day is nearly here and if you’re looking for something beyond the usual flowers and jewelry, why not surprise your mom with a gift that’s a little more homey? Our editors have pulled together […]


Hot Trends: Rugs in the Kitchen

Kitchen rugs have had a bad rap. Somewhere around the early aughts, a revolution of sorts began where rugs in the kitchen were verboten. The sole exception was limited to utilitarian pieces, meant to help [...]


10 Items to Bring the Spa Home

With most of the country still fluctuating between Phases, most spas and salons still remain closed. But who says you have to go to the spa to be pampered? All it takes it a little [...]


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Nature Rules – Homey Interior Trends

Blame it on all the sheltering in place, but Bio-inspired rooms, soothing color palettes and soft silhouettes are taking over for 2022. Our desire for reconnection to our natural world has us actively bringing the [...]

How to Update Your Home Office for 2022

Are you an official work-from-home-warrior? Whether your office resides in a room of its own or shares space within another area, we’ve got the latest trends ready to take your form and function to the [...]